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Skalp® London SMP Clinic

  • Address: 15 Carlisle Street, London, W1D 3BS, UK
  • Phone: 07983 631 054
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Whatsapp: 07983 631 054

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm. However, we are happy to be flexible for appointments upon request.

Skalp® London offers Scalp Micropigmentation, a life changing hair loss solution that replicates thousands of hair follicles that camouflages any bald or thinning areas of the scalp, giving you the look of a full head that has been closely-shaven with a new hairline.

The treatment can be used for all forms of hair loss including male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, diffuse thinning, alopecia and transplant scars.

  • Our Scalp Micropigmentation clinic in London is situated in Soho, at 15 Carlisle Street.
  • Our London SMP clinic is easy to reach from all areas of London and surrounding boroughs.
  • Skalp® London offers free, no obligation consultations where you can meet with an expert, see our results in real life and get a personal quote.

Scalp Micropigmentation London Reviews
Rated 5 ★★★★★ on Google


  • Zion Siton

    I received excellent treatment at Skalp. Vinny was very friendly and professional and made me feel at ease about the whole treatment. All my concerns were answered and I was pleased to find out that Vinny himself would be doing the treatment. I had three 4 hour treatment sessions and they were all pleasant. In my case, I was happy with the results and would highly recommend Skalp.

  • Rachel Sebastian

    It has been 2 weeks since my husband had his final session at Skalp and He could not be happier with the results! The whole process was so easy and the team at Skalp were extremely helpful and professional throughout. He was a bit apprehensive at first but after the initial consultation he knew he had found the best company for this. He looks at least 10 years younger (so he has been told) he wished he had done the treatment sooner. He would 100% recommend to anyone. If you are thinking of having it done then do it, you will not regret it! Thank you Vinny!!

  • Mattia Gonella

    Skalp is the best SMP company in Europe and most probably in the world. Vinny is an artist, very professional and nice . The result after 3 sessions is unbelievable, so natural and real !! Don’t hesitate, go to Skalp if you wanna look 10 years younger.

  • John Kemlsley

    I cannot recommend Skalp more, I had been thinking about SMP for three years now, I wish I had done this sooner. From my first phone call I was put at ease and listened too, So happy wth my results Thanks again Skalp!

  • Mickey Patel

    I had my hairline done at Skalp at the start of this year and it is unbelievable. The results are astonishing and the team are extremely welcoming and professional. Skalp have completely changed my look for the better, my only question is why I didn’t do it sooner!!! I couldn’t recommend Skalp more.
    Thanks Skalp team!!!

  • Steve Cole

    These guys are a different level when it comes to SMP. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

  • James Faulkner

    Was recommended to me by a friend. great experience and my head looks great. fantastic staff and well worth the money paid. Great job Skalp UK and i will be recommending you to other people i know who have issues with hair loss.

  • M Fayez

    For a long time I was very apprehensive about doing the micropigmentation but after long research I decided to go ahead with Skalp London. From the very first consultation they made me feel very comfortable. They were extremely professional and I’m very happy with the results. People are convinced I’ve had a hair transplant! I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Steve Anderson

    Absolutely amazing! Never thought I would get my hairline back. These guys have given me a more natural and realistic result than I thought was possible.

    I have been bald on top for 17 years and now I look like a have hair.

    Best in the business.
    Thank you.

  • Tony Cives

    After years and years of using different mental hair styles to hide the fact I was losing my hair, I finally plucked up the courage to look into a solution. A hair transplant was out of the question due to the price and the reliability of the procedure. I had looked into other companies but there was something that I didn’t like. Then I came across SKALP and instantly I knew that it was how natural the other companies DIDN’T look! SKALP have nailed it!! I went in and was made to feel completely comfortable and all the staff there has had it done so you can see it and touch it first hand. I was sold instantly!!!! 2.5 years on and people still think it’s natural. I can’t rate them any higher. They gave me my life back!!!

  • Alexander Woll

    Lifechanging!!! Actually I was sure I was comfortable with my baldness and I only got the appointment because my friend was going and we thought we should get it done together. But after I had it done I was completely caught by surprise of how much it affected my confidence in a positive way! I work as an educator in the hairdressing industry and 100% of all the hairdressers I have met is amazed! they can’t tell unless I tell them!! We did a lot of research before choosing Skalp UK and for good reason! In my opinion SKalp is the only choice. Proffesional and soo skilled!! THANK YOU SKALP FOR MY NEW LIFE AND A FUTURE WITHOUT BALDNESS!

  • Tristan Temple

    SKALP have changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am so happy with the results. The whole team are fantastic who have great experience, knowledge and understanding to your personal situation.
    I have so many good things to say about my treatment with SKALP.
    I just wish I had done it sooner!!

Scalp Micropigmentation London

About the clinic

Our London Scalp Micropigmentation clinic is in Soho on Carlisle street. Conveniently located for easy access from all across England, and even Europe with the national and international train stations just a few tube stops away. At Skalp London we offer the very best Scalp Micropigmentation results.

“At Skalp London®, we have built our exceptional reputation as the leading Scalp Micropigmentation clinic by providing the highest quality treatments, the most realistic results and achieving the highest rated customer service.”

Having been in the SMP industry for over 10 years, we understand what it’s like to be experiencing hair loss. From our thousands of clients over the many years we have heard every story and have a genuine desire to help. At Skalp London, all of our practitioners have had the treatment done themselves, so we can relate to how important finding the right hair loss solution is. We only employ people-people so you will be greeted with a genuine smile and made to feel welcome.

All of Skalp® clinics are comfortable, clean and enjoyable places to spend a few hours.

London Scalp Micropigmentation


The Skalp® team are trained to the highest possible standard in Scalp Micropigmentation, and our London clinic has been around the longest. Our fully qualified practitioners have extensive experience in all types of hair loss, meaning you can completely relax throughout the process knowing you have the most experienced Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners in the industry performing your treatment.

London Scalp Micropigmentation Results

View thousands of treatment results from our London Scalp Micropigmentation clinic.

London Scalp Micropigmentation Video Testimonials

A few of our London Scalp Micropigmentation videos testimonials showing our life changing results.

Directions to Skalp® London

Please press the buzzer when you arrive and we will let you in the building. The easiest way to reach our London clinic would be by underground (tube).

The closest tube stations to 15 Carlisle Street are either Tottenham Court Road (Central/Northern Line) which is a 5 minute walk away. Or Oxford Circus Underground station (Victoria /Central/Bakerloo line) which is 9 minute walk away.

From London St. Pancras International you can get the Victoria line underground to Oxford Circus in just 4 minutes. Similarly, Euston train station is just two stops away on the Victoria line also.

London Tube Map

The closest mainline airport would be London Heathrow Airport (LHR), roughly an hour away on public transport using the underground. However Gatwick (LGW) airport also has good transport links into the city center using the Gatwick Express train service.

Parking-  There is no free parking at the clinic, but there is a Q-Park (Soho) a 3 minute walk away.

Q-Park Soho

Get directions to Skalp London on Google

What’s in the area?

Whether you are popping in for a free consultation on your lunch break or travelling to London for your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, at Skalp® we want to make sure it is as convenient as possible for you. Please let us know if you need help with planning your trip or arranging your appointments to suit your work/ travels. If you have some time to spare, here are a few areas of interest within walking distance.

  • Oxford Street shopping
  • Regents Park
  • Carnaby Street
  • The British Museum
  • Hyde Park
  • Madame Tussauds London
  • Nearby Hotels
  • £ Travelodge London Central Marylebone
  • ££ Z Hotel at Gloucester Place
  • £££ The Nadler Soho Hotel
  • Central London Travel Guide

Why Choose Skalp® London for Scalp Micropigmentation in London

Skalp® is the world leader in Scalp Micropigmentation, we pride ourselves on having a 100% client satisfaction rate, the most experienced practitioners in the business and achieving the most natural results possible.

  • Personalised treatment ✔
  • Free consultations ✔
  • 1 Year guarantee ✔
  • 0% finance available ✔
  • Exceptional customer service ✔

Frequently Asked Questions

Scalp Micropigmentation (also known as SMP or a hair tattoo) is a non-surgical hair loss treatment where pigments are deposited into the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles, giving you a new hairline and the look of a full head of hair that has been closely-shaven or to add density to thin hair.

Camouflage scarring from previous hair transplant surgeries and boost the visual effect of a hair transplant.

Restore the look of a full head of hair on even a completely bald head due to alopecia.

Make thin hair appear a lot thicker by camouflaging the scalp. By not seeing so much skin on the scalp your hair appears thicker.

Scalp Micropigmentation, when done by an experienced practitioner, gives hyper-realistic results. Clients say that even up close in the mirror, they can’t even tell the difference between their real hair follicles and the treatment.

Scalp Micropigmentation is classed as a permanent treatment. Although the results are permanent, they can fade slightly over the years to a lighter color. We recommend a short touch-up every 3-6 years.

The price depends on your level of hair loss. You can see a visual price guide on our website here, but we do recommend visiting for a free consultation or sending pictures to get an accurate quote.

Scalp Micropigmentation takes place over 3 sessions and a standard session lasts 1-4 hours depending on the amount of area that requires treatment.

There is one week between sessions 1 & 2. Then a 3rd session takes place 1 month later.

Colour and density are gradually built up over 3 sessions to ensure a perfect colour match and blend with your existing hair.

We always start slightly too light with the colour on session 1, then make small adjustments in the following sessions to get the perfect result.

The hairline design is a very personal choice. A hairline design is drawn on before each session starts, your practitioner will guide and work closely with you to ensure you get the exact hairline you want. You can decide exactly how soft & natural or sharp & defined the hairline is.

Skalp has been the Scalp Micropigmentation industry leader for over 10 years and has changed the lives of over 20,000 happy clients. Skalp practitioners are known worldwide for being the most experienced practitioners in the industry and producing the most natural results possible. It is easy for every clinic to claim to be the best but we have the reputation, reviews and testimonials to prove it.

Skalp practitioners are trained for 3 months before performing a treatment compared to the industry standard of 3-5 days.

When your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is carried out by a Skalp® practitioner you can relax knowing you have the most experienced practitioners in the industry performing your treatment, Scalp Micropigmentation is a highly skilled treatment and should only be carried out by a highly trained and experienced professional.

When SMP is performed by an inexperienced or undertrained practitioner you may not get the desired result.

Click here for more info on when Scalp Micropigmentation is performed by an inexperienced practitioner.

No, Scalp Micropigmentation is a highly specialised treatment, the technique, machine, needles and pigment we use are all different from what is used in a regular tattoo. An SMP practitioner could not perform a regular tattoo and a regular tattooist could not perform an SMP treatment. Sadly we have seen quite a few examples of a regular tattooist attempting to perform an SMP treatment without the correct training

Yes. We offer a finance option where you can split your treatment cost into affordable monthly payments, with 0% interest available at some clinics.

You can apply to finance your SMP treatment here.

The pigment we use for treatment is designed just for Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoos, it does not change colour like a regular tattoo. The colour will get lighter over the years, but will not change colour after any period of time.

You can expect to see visible results and your new hairline instantly. Straight after each session, there may be some redness. Redness usually lasts 24 hours after each session. We gradually build up the density and make small adjustments to the colour and hairline shape over 3 sessions to get the perfect result.

In most cases, yes. For a standard SMP hair tattoo, you will need to shave your hair using hair clippers, a facial shaver, or a razor. We recommend the best length to shave your hair for your treatment to look natural would be a 0.5-grade length or shorter. Of course, we encourage you to experiment with what shaving routine looks and works best for you.

Scalp Micropigmentation can work on long hair to give the appearance of thicker hair if you have enough remaining hair. A thickening treatment works the same as on a shaved head by mimicking the appearance of hair follicles so that less of the scalp is visible. If there is not enough remaining hair for the treatment to blend with, we may advise that you would need to shave.

Scalp Micropigmentation Density treatment

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation works very well on women with thin or thinning hair, by camouflaging the scalp and not seeing so much skin it gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Click here for more info on SMP for women.

Scalp Micropigmentation works with any hair colour, as when any hair colour is closely shaved down to the follicle you are left with a grey shade. We match the treatment to how dark your shade is. So it makes no difference if your hair is grey or turns grey after the treatment. Click here for more info on Scalp Micropigmentation and grey hair.

After 5 years your Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo will look a lighter version of how it did when it was first done. You can then decide if you want to have a short touch-up to return the treatment to its original colour when you first had it done, or you may reach a certain age and let it keep fading.

Yes, If you have had hair transplant surgery then you may have been left with scars. We can camouflage all forms of Hair transplant scarring, Strip/Punch/FUE, so you can wear your hair as short as you like.

Not only can we cover your scars but we can also enhance the results of your transplant by adding density thin/thinning hair.

Click here for more info on Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Transplants.

Scar Camouflage with SMP

Yes, there is a 12-month guarantee from your first session for full treatments, just in case any area of the treatment is not quite perfect. Simply give us a call and we will book you in for one extra session at no extra charge. However, any style or color changes to your original treatment are chargeable at an hourly rate.

The shaved hair look is a style that has stood the test of time. It’s easy to maintain, looks smart, and is effortlessly cool. If you are not sure if a shaved head will suit you, we offer free virtual hairline mock-ups to give you an idea of how you will look with the treatment and your new hairline. Click here to send us your picture to get your virtual hairline.

Yes it is totally safe and non-invasive. The treatment only goes half as deep into the skin as a regular tattoo. We have never seen any adverse effects due to a hair tattoo.

As Scalp Micropigmentation is non-surgical, like a regular tattoo, it does not affect the real hair follicles and cannot cause hair loss.

No, for most of our clients the pain is minimal and described as a lot less painful than a regular tattoo. No pain medication is needed and any discomfort is only during the actual Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo treatment.

Following the treatment, the treated area will look slightly red for roughly 24 hours, a lot of our clients go back to work the next day. Scalp Micropigmentation requires no downtime as it is a non-invasive treatment. We do recommend you avoid rubbing your head or sweating heavily for 4 days after each session. Click here to view our aftercare guide.

Compared to a hair transplant that can take up to one year to recover and see the results, the results from Scalp Micropigmentation are instant.

We know that when you have decided you want the treatment, you’ll be keen to get started ASAP, however, our clinics are very busy and can get booked up for a few weeks.

Scalp Micropigmention is reversible. We’ve never had a customer to date want to remove the treatment however the removal process would be similar to that of tattoo removal. The difference is that Scalp Micropigmentation is only situated within the 2nd dermal skin layer compared to a regular tattoo being twice as deep. So a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is a lot easier to remove and can be fully removed with a laser within two sessions. We can imagine our clients looking to change their hairline, perhaps soften the hairline or maybe even recede slightly as they become older.

After 3-6 years you may feel the need for a touch-up. Whether you want to adjust your hairline, freshen it up or just fancy going a bit darker. Touch-ups are charged at an hourly rate which is £300+VAT, ($450)(€300). A touch-up is usually only one hour long, sometimes two hours depending on the size of the area needing treatment.

Yes of course! Our clinics are always busy and we are happy to arrange for you to meet another client that has finished their treatment or are mid-way through their treatment.

Skalp® Clinic Locations

London Scalp Micropigmentation clinic

Skalp London

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in London Skalp® London SMP Clinic Opening times: Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm. However, we are happy to be flexible for

Manchester Scalp Micropigmentation clinic

Skalp Manchester

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in Manchester Skalp® Manchester SMP Clinic Opening times: Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm. However, we are happy to be flexible for

Edinburgh Scalp Micropigmentation clinic

Skalp Edinburgh

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in Edinburgh Skalp® Edinburgh SMP Clinic Opening times: Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm. However, we are happy to be flexible for

Dublin Scalp Micropigmentation clinic

Skalp Dublin

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in Dublin Skalp® Dublin SMP Clinic Opening times:  Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm. However, we are happy to be flexible for

New York Scalp Micropigmentation clinic

Skalp New York

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in New York City Skalp® New York SMP Clinic Opening times: Monday – Saturday 9am – 8pm. However, we are happy to

Los Angeles Micropigmentation clinic

Skalp Los Angeles

Scalp Micropigmentation clinic in Westminster, California Skalp® Los Angeles SMP Clinic Opening times Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm.  However, we are happy to be

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